State Of The Art Conference Center

The Venue’s State Of The Art Conference Center has seating for 30-170 guests and is a perfect location for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Business Meetings
  • Luncheons
  • Family Gatherings
  • Bridal Showers
  • Small Trade Shows

Amenities Include:

  • Wi-Fi Service
  • Data Projector/Screen
  • Microphone/Speaker System
  • Customized Menus
  • Customized Room Set Up
  • Serving Staff
  • Elegant Seating

For an appointment with our Event Coordinator, call: (573) 651-6681

Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom Event Facility is Cape Girardeau’s most elegant ballroom facility. Complete with over 30 chandeliers and elegant Metropolitan like luxury, the old world floor and signature details will transport you to a world far away. The space is as durable as it is elegant and versatile enough for any purpose. Come witness how The Venue’s intimate decor and unforgettable design can make your event…..”Simply Perfect!”

Grand Ballroom Entrance

The Venue’s Grand Ballroom Entrance opens to a beautifully decorated and elegantly appointed facility. This entrance is located in a large foyer area, perfect for pre-event informal conversation and gathering. This entrance will invite you and your guests into our 18,000 square foot facility that includes a stage, dance floor, two bars, informal seating and formal dining areas. When you will pass through the Grand Ballroom Entrance, you will be swept into a world of elegance that will be remembered by you and your guests for a lifetime.

Formal Seating Area

The Venue’s Grand Ballroom has several informal seating areas for side gatherings and informal conversation among guests. These areas are perfect for ‘guy time’ or ‘girl time’ outside a formal gathering. It’s attention to interior details like this that help insure that your event is……”Simply Perfect.”

Elegant Conference Seating

At The Venue, everything has first class style, including our elegant conference seating. Our event coordinator can help you determine the absolute best seating and table arrangement for your event. Our conference center seats 30-170 and the possibilities for room layout are endless and only limited to your imagination. When you rent our conference room, you are sure to find that the atmosphere and elegant conference seating help to make your event……”simply perfect.”

Elegant Atmosphere

From the moment you enter The Venue, you will notice the exquisite decorations, the fine furnishings and beautiful room arrangements, all of which, create and elegant atmosphere that is simply first class. Once your guests enter The Venue, the rest of the world will be left behind and your event will be free to take on a life of its own. Come and experience the elegant atmosphere of The Venue by calling our event coordinator today for a tour! 573-651-6681

Custom Menu Planning

Let our professional chef create a menu plan for your event that will please even the most discriminating palette. From appetizers to full course meals, our chef and serving staff can help you add exquisite dining experience to your event and insure that your guests are having a memorable dining experience. The Venue staff can provide a wide range of menu plans, including bar service and plated dining, to insure your event is an absolute success. Call our Event Coordinator today to discuss options for your next event! 573-651-6688

Beautiful Place Settings

Our staff realizes that the success of your event lies in the sum of all the details. Our beautiful place settings are always an interesting aspect of visual impact for you and your guests. From flatware to stemware, your choice of table decor adds personality to your event. We have a wide variety of items available for use at your event. Insure your table is dressed to reflect the unique decor of your event by meeting with your Event Coordinator to discuss the endless possibilities. Call Today! 573-651-6681

Beautiful Decor

The Venue has been designed with your event in mind. The interior is decorated using muted earth tones to create a very warm, old world feel. You and your guests will agree that the beautiful decor is the perfect backdrop to any event, from formal to informal. We are very proud to provide not just “a place” but THE place that is “SIMPLY PERFECT” for your event. Call our Event Coordinator today for a tour! 573-651-6681